Stripper Crimper Unit


Stripper Crimper Unit STG 01-P

In order to improve productivity and quality of his products, Nuova Gamma has designed and built a new model of STRIPPER CRIMPER; this new machine is suitable for the stripping and the crimping of cables from 0,15 up to 2,5 sqmm.

Through the operator panel you can switch the function STRIPPING/CRIMPING into the function STRIPPING with the esclusion of the CRIMPING function or on the contrary in the CRIMPING function; all these operations do not require any changes to the structure of the machine.

The new STG-01 P STRIPPER CRIMPER can be activated by sensors or by a foot pedal actuator, this dual function is useful if you need strip and crimp very thin and soft cables with a tendency to bend and consequently difficult to activate the sensor

The minimum workable length of the cable is about 25 mm, but with the aid of special clamps, is possible to reduce the length according to the type of terminal and applicator.

In any case, Nuova Gamma is always willing to consider all the special requests of their customers trying to meet them to the fullest.

Stripping lengths range is from 1 to 10 mm and can be mechanically adjusted with a few simple operation as well as the cable section, the position of the applicator can be easily adjusted allowing the use of all the applicators of the major brand

The STRIPPER CRIMPER STG-01 P is a versatile and sturdy machine designed to speed and simplify the job.